A user-friendly, end-to-end solution that simplifies complex trucking operations.

LoadStop is a complete, one window, end-to-end solution that optimizes operations processes to save you time and money. Built using the latest technology, it automates 80% of manual tasks, thereby eliminating human error and increasing productivity. It's user-friendly interface offers unique, custom workflows that move data through the organization in real-time.


We simplify your complex trucking operations

  • Use AI and cloud technologies to make smart decisions that can augment human dispatchers resulting in increase fleet efficiency and profitability.
  • Reduce manual data input as possible by using device and partner integrations.
  • Reduce and identify human dispatcher exceptions which can impact the bottom line.
  • Provide tools to implement continuous collaboration and flow of information between all stakeholders.
  • Use ELD integration and geo-fencing technology to provide shipment visibility.
  • Reduce manual check calls and communication between stakeholders.

How It Works

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Your fleet profitability, efficiency, and driver retention.

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Operational costs, overheads, and expensive errors.

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Visibility in end-to-end operations and exceptions.

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Compliance complications and safety issues.

Solutions For Carriers

Smart Dispatcher

Automate Dispatch and Integrates Fragmented Tools. Make data driven smart decisions.

  • Dynamic Planning
  • Intelligent Load Sourcing and Scheduling
  • Automated Dispatch Management

Visibility 360

Real-time visibility for your entire transportation operations and exceptions.

  • Predictive ETAs and Automated Check Calls
  • Driver's Safety and Retention
  • Expiring and Missing Compliance Visibility
  • Operational Efficiency and Exceptions

Smart TMS

Automate 80% of your operations with Next Generation of transport management system.

  • Load Management and Execution
  • Automated Fleet Management
  • Document and Compliance Management
  • Settlements and Invoice Automation

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