Managed transportation is the hot topic of the freight industry.


The trucking industry has a vast market involving millions of stakeholders, owner-operators, fleets, and brokers, but unfortunately, it's still fragmented primarily because of the non-acceptance of modern technology. The time is high for the industry to step beyond the set traditional standards and embrace the innovative digital technologies to step to the next level.

Managed transportation is the hot topic of the freight industry. The business community is always looking for ways to optimize the supply chain performance despite the challenging freight rates, tight truck capacity, and more challenging customer demands.

Apart from planning, executing, and optimizing, the Transport Management System works as a storehouse that keeps detailed information about carriers. It works as an eye into daily transportation operations and ensures the timely delivery of goods.

TMS is also an automated way to get monetary data like outsourcing and insourcing costs, pickup and drop-off costs, fuel costs, and drivers' pay, which is a great help in predicting revenue, delays, operational ratios, empty miles, trailer type, like anything about trucking.

When time costs money, then the most common goal of successful businesses is to become as time-efficient as possible. TMS built-in automation streamlines your logistics operations and eradicates inefficient workflows. This way, employees can work more with less effort and focus better. More control results in better decisions and ultimately managed transport.

LoadStop TMS paves a cost-effective digital roadmap for every trucking fleet–however big or small. From fleet planning to scheduling, truck posting and sourcing, load scoring, and quotes/bids, LoadStop TMS stands alone as an automated guide to help achieve the best possible outcomes. We, the LoadStoppers, promise every outcome smarter than the last one.

Our strength is the unique "Autonomous Dispatcher" that collects significant data from all major load boards across the country, processes it through machine learning algorithms; digs out the real-time fleet state, available drivers' hours of service (HOS), preferred hauling regions, eventually matching fleets with the best-suited load options that suit your goods to travel better.

Get ahead of obstacles. Transparency is a good ingredient in trade affairs. LoadStop empowers its customers by providing them the answers they need right when they require it. Our customers enjoy unparalleled insights and benefits of 360 live data coverage. 360 visibility of transportation, deliveries, credits, and inventory counts mitigates the risks of mismanagement, theft, or fraud. Hence, greater visibility results in greater control over the flow of goods and payments through your business.

Wastes matter as they contribute to higher costs. In the freight industry, waste means more fuel consumption, more carbon emission, and driving for nothing.

In the trucking industry, the costs are higher than the payments. Trucking operators continuously struggle to minimize costs while increasing operational efficiency and avoiding wasteful expenses, such as empty miles. After all, from shippers to the end customers, everyone pays for these empty miles.

But you do not need to worry! LoadStop will do it for you! LoadStop’s geofencing technology gives carriers complete visibility to monitor the vehicle movement on the road meticulously. Moreover, our system automatically digs out your nearest available loads by tapping into the load boards.

LoadStop presents the most detailed and accurate arrival estimates—for complex, TL, LTL,multi-leg moves. It is as easy as a click, and shipment status will be on your screen in a split second.

LoadStop is scaling up at an unprecedented speed for its one-window solution for operational and visibility needs. Here you can have a single point for entering trade-relevant data (import or export documentation) for quicker and efficient processing in a paperless environment.

At LoadStop the innovation continues to offer trucking companies the best possible solution. Stay tuned to get more information on the Transport Management System through LoadStop or visit today.

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