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Disrupting traditional models and processes in the trucking industry. Making the vision of a more efficient, sustainable, and inclusive technology-powered future, a reality today.

About Us

About Us

LoadStop is a digital carrier platform (DCP) for the trucking industry. Trucking companies, transportation brokers and shippers utilize LoadStop to automate freight matching, operational workflows and visibility in a single window. Our DCP is powered by a World only Autonomous Dispatcher engine that searches 10x more loads, increases up to 20% fleet optimization and connected to 50+ ELD, Asset Tracking, Fuel Card and Factoring Partners to provide operational data intelligence. Founded in 2019, headquartered in Irvine California, LoadStop Inc. Ranked Top 10 technology start-up companies in the logistics space, the same year.

About LoadStop


We started our journey with the core of the trucking business. Learning the ropes of paper-based workflows, complicated processes that are slow and drive revenue losses. Looking at the problems we realized that majority of the freight business is still offline and incredibly manual. With founders having extensive technology backgrounds, we wanted to address the problems. When the rest of the world is , block chain, digital brokers. Here we are with the trucking industry still decades behind the norm. This drove a vision, a vision for us to invent and create a solution that can change the industry. Looking at the gaps looking at the future with autonomous vehicles and needs, hence we founded LoadStop.

Our Philosophy

Trucking is a tough business and has been behind the technology curve. Everyone takes a piece of the pie from truckers. A lot has been done to digitize the supply chain like autonomous trucks, digital broker startups, block-chain, visibility for shippers, ELD mandate to track HOS compliance but none make a difference in the life of drivers and truck owners. Nothing much has been done to modernize truckers.


“We believe that unless we transform the trucking business from the inside, supply chain digitization is not possible.”

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